Why choose the Santander Shareholder Account and Dividend Re-investment Plan?


• Acquire more Santander Shares – without paying dealing charges • Option to purchase additional Santander shares when you open your new Santander Shareholder Account and Re-investment Plan (up to the value of 1000). • Highrate 5% gross p.a./AER(variable)on deposited Santander share dividends. • Quarterly share re-investment have your dividends paid back into Santander shares on a quarterly basis • No closure or penalty charge so you can close your account at any time without penalty • Quarterly statements if Santander shares have been acquired for you Santander Shareholder Account Tier Gross rate p.a./AER (variable) 1 plus 5.00% Interest rates arevariable. Ratescorrect as at 1stAugust 2010.Interest is paid quarterly on accounts opened after 15th June 2009. For more detailed information on rates please visit our rates and fees page. AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and shows what the interest rate would be if we paid interest and added it to your account each year. The gross rate

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