why did God rebuke Eli for the behavior of his sons?

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1 Answer

It was they, not Eli that committed those sins, yet God held Eli responsible for tolerating their sin. Eli knew of these things, and reasoned with them to correct their error in 1 Sam 2:22-26. However, sometimes there is a place for rebuke, and there is a place for consequences. Correction is informing somebody of what they are doing wrong, when they were ignorant that they were doing so. Rebuke is exhorting somebody to do the right thing they already know to do. Elis words seemed like mild correction, not severe rebuke. In addition, Eli should have kicked them out of serving at the Tabernacle immediately. Q: In 1 Sam 2:36, what is God saying here? A: As Elis sons took the office of priest for granted, their descendants would be begging to be allowed to serve as priests in order to get food for their families. Q: In 1 Sam 3:1 (KJV), how was the word of the Lord precious in those days? A: This expression means that it was scarce. There were not many oracles from God at that time. Q: ...
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