Why did Great Britain get involved in World War 1?

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1 Answer

On June 28, 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand (who was next in line for the Austrian throne) and his wife Sophie were both assasinated while on a visit to Serbia. War was declared between Serbia and Austria (because a Serb killed what was basically Austria's equivalent of Prince Charles). Anyway, Austria (also called Austro-Hungary) had signed a treaty, along with Germany and Italy (called the Triple Alliance), saying that if one of them went to war against another country, that the rest of them would go to war. On the other hand, there was another set of three countries which had signed ANOTHER treaty, called the Triple Entente. These countries were Britain, France and Russia. Russia was a supporter of tiny little Serbia, and so when the Triple Alliance delcared war on Serbia, Russia became involved, and that is the way France and Britain became involved. Britain used to own almost half of the countries in the world, so when Britain went to war, so did they -- eg: Australia, New ... more
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