Why did Hitler target Jews during the Holocaust?

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I have answered this a few times so I am going to copy and paste from an old one. First, the Jews were not the only target of the Holocaust: I personally believe that it started as an attempt to unify a Germany left in a terrible state after WWI. Hitler and his henchmen picked an internal foe... the Jews. The Jews were already disliked. Goebbels produced some horrible propaganda films to demonize them (I have some youtubes of a few of them if anyone is interested) and set up this unifying foe within Germany. This was also done later to the Gypsies when we were added to the Final Solution as were any others the Nazi party did not like. I have seen the propaganda films against us but there are not as many, nearly, as there were against the Jews. There were also propaganda films against the mentally disabled. Then the Jews were shunted into ghettos where they were bled dry of every last scrap of money and then...
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