Why did passenger pigeon become extinct?

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1 Answer

The Passenger Pigeon was the largest species of birds, during the 1800's. It contained more individuals than all other North American birds combined. But sadly, by 1900s that powerful population had been reduced to one bird named," Martha" who died on September 1, 1914 in captivity at the Cincinnati Zoo. At one time a single flock of passenger pigeons might have more than 2 billion birds. That is just one flock, there were many flocks in the US at the time of this bird's peak of abundance. But, unregulated commercial hunting, specifically for their meat, on a wholesale scale, used those large billion bird flocks to man's advantage and it devastated the birds populations. The species migration and nesting habits also made them easy targets for large number kills, either by netting, torching, or special firearms, even one, the forerunner of the machine gun. By 1855 one year in Michigan a billion birds were, so called "harvested". The passenger pigeon's population, of course suffered a ... more
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