Why did Samuel Fahnestock invent the soda fountain?

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1 Answer

In the early 19th century, at the peak of the Industrial Revolution, Samuel Fahnestock patented the soda fountain as a reaction to consumer desires, new technologies, and fresh ideas about supply and demand.Quenching the Thirst for SodaAccording to the website History of Beverage, Samuel Fahnestock invented the soda fountain in 1819 to quench the social demand for carbonated soft drinks.Following SchweppesIn the late18th and early 19th centuries, carbonated water was just starting to make a splash in London with Jacob Schweppes' discovery of a mass-produced method for carbonating water. This was a precursor to the many different brands of soda that Fahnestock could offer with his soda fountain.By the GlassFahnestock's soda fountain invention was patented for its ability to sell the newly-invented mass-produced mineral water by the glass.Liquid PrecursorsPrecursors to Fahnestock's soda fountain, and inventions that added to the timing of his own invention, include the invention of the ...
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