Why Did Spain Explore the New World'

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Spainwanted a lot of things. It wanted to expand its knowledge of the world that they had never seen. Of course they were curious, wouldn’t you be? They also wanted to have a larger empire, find spices and other riches, and expand Christianity. They weren’t really interested in animal furs. The big thing they wanted was gold and silver to pay for their wars with the Turkish Empire. Famous Explorers: Spain had many great explorers. But some of the more famous ones are Francisco Pizzaro, Hernando Cortez, Juan Ponce de Leon, and of course Christopher Columbus. Francisco Pizzaro On 13 February 1502, he sailed from Spain on a fleet of thirty ships. It was the largest fleet that had ever sailed to the New World. The thirty ships carried 2,500 colonists. While he was in the Americas, Pizzaro claimed most of South America and defeated the inca Empire. He also founded the city of Lima, Peru which led the spanish religion to take over south America. He contributed the most riches to his ...
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