Why did the KFS cartoons change Bluto's name to Brutus?

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1 Answer

When the Fleischer brothers wanted to use Popeye in animated cartoons during the 1930s, they asked Popeye's creator, E.C. Segar, to create a villain that could become Popeye's continuing, long-standing nemesis. Segar created a pirate, Bluto The Terrible, and used him in his comic strip before the animated films ever came out. After the introductory adventure, Segar never used the character again. The Fleischer brothers and later Famous Studios (a division of Paramount Pictures) produced cartoons featuring Bluto up through the 1950s. In the early 60s, King Features Syndicate, the distributor of Popeye's comic strip, commissioned several different animation studios to produce made-for-TV Popeye toons. They mistakenly believed that Paramount Pictures had the copyright to the name Bluto, forgetting that the character first appeared in their (KFS's) comic strips. So the same character was used in the TV toons, only his name was changed to Brutus. Around this same time, the character began ... more
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