Why did the magazine cease publication?

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1 Answer

• • A number of reasons, many of them financially interrelated with the Commodore 8-bit market in general. With the waning popularity of the C-64/128 line of 8-bit computers, subscription numbers dwindled. Thus, the Gazette was forced to wither lower its standards to less articles and programs per issue ( and less pages per issue ) or fold. They chose the later. • • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • Well, this does it for this edition of the (3/4) Compute's Gazette FAQ. Look for another edition (4/4) that will cover ALL Commodore magazines not previously mentioned (as much as bandwidth and space limitations will allow) • • Re-prints editions of this FAQ are available from this newsgroup, or by e-mailing me at: • dunric@yahoo.com • • Paul Allen Panks • • • • -- • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • This signature file was brought to you by Paul Panks, not Micro$oft, IBM, or any of those ... more
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