Why do bats have eyes but they are blind?

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1 Answer

Bats are not blind. All bats can see. Fruit eating bats have very good eyesight. However, bats that use echolocation can have very poor eyesight. But even if one of these bats flies into your house, it will not get tangled up in your hair like some people think. It's echolocation will help it avoid anybody in the room. Just open a door or window and let it go catch some more mosquitoes. Old World fruit bats have relatively large eyes with good light-gathering capacity. They need to be able to see where they are and to avoid obstacles when flying across a landscape, and to see where the trees are that hold their fruit and where they can perch safely when eating it. Insect-eating bats, on the other hand, have small eyes, as they use the special sense of echolocation for finding their food. However, they still use their eyesight for avoiding large objects, gauging their height above the ground and finding their way across a landscape by navigating between prominent landmarks. Although ... more
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