Why do birds need to go to the VET?

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Okay, okay, calm down. I do see your point, I really do, but I will say this... Though it might not be NECESSARY to take your birds to the vet, it is advisable, most people don't think it is worth it to take smaller birds like budgies in for checkups, because it costs less just to replace them (which I find very selfish), but when it comes to Macaws, they are very expensive and often become more like household dogs, rather than just birds and Raj is absolutely right, prevention is better than cure. What most people don't understand is that it is particularly important for birds to get checkups because in the wild, they instinctively hide any signs of illness so they are not picked off by predators or other members of their flock. Unfortunately, what may help them in the wild can be very hazardous for caged birds, so going to vets is essential. I wouldn't say that they should go every month, but every 3 months would be about right, That's how Often we take our Indian Ringnecks, Conure ... more
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