Why do deaconesses wear a uniform?

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1 Answer

The garb, or uniform, has been a part of deaconess identity since the mid-1800's. In a practical vein, the uniform enables hospital staff and patients to instantly recognize one who provides care that is distinctly spiritual and Christian. In the parish, visitors and members easily identify the person in the uniform. The uniform of the Concordia Deaconess Conference - LCMS (see more below) consists of a navy blue business suit with a white blouse or a navy blue business dress along with the insignia and cross pin. White is a reminder of the towel Christ used to wash his disciples feet. The gold cross is for commissioned deaconesses. Students wear a light blue insignia. With a cross on her shoulder and a cross pin over her heart, the uniform visually reminds a deaconess of her identity and purpose. It reminds her that the Lord has chosen her for service; she has not chosen Him or the work. A uniform also covers her person and helps people to recognize it is really Christ who is caring ...
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