Why do eggs damage paint on cars?

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1 Answer

Eggs, when used in automobile vandalism, are a particularly nasty choice as the components making up the egg's white and yolk work chemically together with the paint of a car to cause significant amount damage in a short time.DamageThe damage an egg can provoke on a car is a product of the egg's reaction with the car's paint. The damage becomes more significant the longer the egg remains on the car, and is the result not of the shells hitting and breaking on the car, but of the makeup of the egg itself.Egg WhiteEgg white consists of water, protein, trace minerals, fatty material, vitamins and glucose. The substances making up egg white have been used as a base for waterproof glues, due to their ability to become sticky or tacky. This same property makes the egg white hard to remove from the surface of a car without scratching the car's paint.Egg YolkEgg yolk consists of protein, cholesterol, carbohydrates and a variety of fatty acids, of both a saturated and unsaturated nature. The ...
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