Why do I feel sick and nearly faint after a hot bath?

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I get that feeling tooooooooo!!!!! I thought I was the only one that ever walked this planet who has a body that can't tolerate hot baths... Its a shame because I love them and love to relax, but I am careful with myself more... I have fainted in the bathroom or just as I walk out of the bathroom more than 8 times! I think its because we sweat alot so we get dehydrated, and because the dampness and humidity makes it hard to breathe... So i think its both a lack of oxygen and water... What I do to avoid fainting in a bath, I don't lock the door of the bathroom, i just lock my bedroom door so that fresh air could be exchanged and the damp air is less concentrated in the bathroom... I also open a window or a fan... Also, I try to remember to drink a bottle of water before having a hot bath... And always remember to get out of the bathroom as soon as you feel slightly faint (even if you have to crawl), don't wait for yourself to lose concouisness because you might bump your head on ... more
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