Why do I tear up and become so emotional during Christian Holidays and prayer?

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1 Answer

Those tears are the grace of God ... God knows that you love him, and he loves you right back, and that is a wonderful GIFT. I am a converted Catholic, but I truly believe that God loves ALL OF US, and that EVERYONE EVER BORN will go to Heaven ... but these 'tears' of yours are a beautiful sign, and I'm glad you asked your question ... I 'tear up' when talking about God, and especially during the Christian Holidays and it's nice to know that I'm not the only person who has such an intense relationship with God. I am a happily married woman with the most wonderful husband in the world ... and HE was a 'gift from God' too, as far as I am concerned. He says the same thing about me. Happy and HEALTHY Easter to you, too ... more
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