Why do Madonna's hands look older than her face?

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1 Answer

At 47, Madonna has the body of a teenager but the hands of a grandmother. Pictured yesterday leaving her gym after a workout, the material girl displayed hands that appeared to be ravaged by age, with bulging veins and paperthin skin that wrinkled as she clutched a bottle of mineral water. Older women are particularly vulnerable to "ageing" hands because the menopause causes a drop in their levels of oestrogen - the hormone that helps to keep the skin plump and fleshy. More: • Even with muscles like these, Madonna can't beat the hands of time Exposure to sunlight and chemicals also cause thinning and drying of the skin on the hands, as well as brown spots, wrinkles and prominent veins. According to Dr Alan Kanter, a spokesman for the American College of Phlebology (the study of vein disease), "veins also become less elastic with age and this allows more blood to remain in them, thus pressing them close to the skin which, itself, is more transparent as you get older". Although they ... more
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