Why do monarchs change their names when they become king or queen?

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The question is WHY, Rachelle, but nice job copying and pasting. The reason why is many and it is entirely dependent on the person or family. One reason is tradition: In Denmark, kings alternate between Frederick and Christian because a pattern just developed and then it "stuck". The Queen of Denmark takes the place of a Christian, her father was a Frederick and her son is a Frederick. Most of these individuals are born with those names though, so they don't exactly change. Another reason is to honour a beloved or acclaimed predecessor: Pope John Paul II chose that name because the previous and immediately preceding pope of that name had a very short reign of around 30 days, I believe. John Paul II chose to honour John Paul I because of his gentle nature. Another reason is to reflect the culture of a people: When Prince William of Denmark was called to the throne of Greece, he took the name George I because George in its Greek form is a common, solid name in Greece. Also when Prince ... more
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