Why do my clothes smell of drycleaning solvent when they come back from the cleaners?

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1 Answer

Your clothes will only smell of drycleaning solvent if your cleaner shortens the dry and deodorize cycle of his drycleaning machine. This often happens in ordinary cleaners where the pressure to "get the garments out" (i.e., into a machine, onto a press and into a bag) is constant and hectic. But more likely than not, you're not smelling drycleaning solvent. You're smelling contaminants in the drycleaning solvent. Let's explain. Garments and household textiles should always be cleaned in drycleaning fluid that's both continuously purified and continuously filtered. Every single drop. This way your garments and household textiles are cleaned in drycleaning fluid that's absolutely crystal clear. As clear as bottled mountain spring water. Continuous purification is much like boiling your tap water at home to obtain pure water; continuous filtration is much like filtering your tap water to remove any additional impurities. Fact is, crystal clear, freshly purified and filtered drycleaning ... more
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