Why do my sweet bell peppers have brown spots?

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1 Answer

Brown spots on peppers can be caused by a number of sources that often also affect tomatoes and eggplants. No matter which disease is affecting the crop, it can affect a large portion of the fruit growing in a given area.CausesBlossom-end rot is caused by a lack of calcium in the soil that prevents the cells from growing properly. It is usually indicated by a large brown spot on the blossom-end of the pepper.Prevention/SolutionThere are several recommended ways to prevent blossom-end rot. These include maintaining a pH around 6.5, avoiding overfertilization of nitrogen and maintaining consistent moisture in the soil.Bacterial SpotBacterial spot is caused by high humidity and can be transferred to other plants by handling or simply by the splash of rain.IdentificationIn bacterial spot, the brown or black spots are normally smaller than in blossom-end rot.
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