Why do my youtube videos keep stopping( buffering) never had a problem before?

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1 Answer

When in doubt, reboot, Or try cold booting it (shuting it down and letting it sit a bit). Sometimes a internet connection will do something weird and a website buffering something will get confused but if it does it consistently, I assume you should reboot. My machine does something similar when I uninstall a program or something else and don't reboot and it will get all annoying and all media will play with no sound at all, or two seconds without sound and stop. Right click the youtube window and see if it says flash player ten. If it doesn't install flash player ten. If all else fails, uninstall all adobe flash things (control pannel>add or remove programs and re-install flash ten. If you have a mac, http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewCont... Good luck! more
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