Why do parents abandon their children?

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1 Answer

Ronald, I so wish I could answer that question. It's not your fault that's for sure. We need to do all we can so you will feel loved and protected! This is Wess Stafford, President of Compassion International. In the U.S. alone, over 2 million children are living with grandparents. Many experts agree: The child welfare system would collapse if it wasn't for caring relatives. Those are the heroes. They are providing care for the soaring number of children abandoned by drug addicted parents, domestic violence, imprisonment and AIDS. God's word tells us, "there's no more pure religion than caring for orphans." He gave us the responsibility of caring for the defenseless. Become foster parents, volunteer as child advocates, sponsor a child. God's love comes through our hands! This is Wess Stafford. Speak up with compassion for the children of the world!
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