Why do people put bird ornaments on their Christmas tree as a tradition?

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1 Answer

Q: Who else is going to use coconuts as ornaments on their Christmas tree? Are you going to hang coconuts on your Christmas tree too? =) A: My best friend who recently moved from Hawaii all the way to Russia, is doing a hawaiian theme on his christmas tree. He made some ornaments out of coconuts, and even a tree-topper. He also used some nuts, fruits, and shells to make a garland. It's so cute! Q: How do I keep my three cats out of the Christmas tree? I have three cats. One is a year+ older, one is about 9 months and one is about 5 months. All three love to climb up in the Christmas tree, knock down ornaments, chew on the light cords etc. We haven't been able to keep ANYTHING on the tree because the cats are left alone during the day. NOTE: SPRAYING THEM WITH WATER DOESN'T WORK! They have developed some kind of immunity! 0.o' Help! A: What you do is put dryer sheets under the tree. Change them every few days though. The chemicals in the dryer sheets give off a scent that the cats do ... more
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