Why Do People Wear Mason Rings?

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History The Freemason date back to June 24th 1717, when the Grand Lodge of England was established. Many claim that the masons have a history that can be traced as far back as ancient Egyptian. The tools represented on the masonic ring are the square, level and plumb. These are the tenets of the craft of masonry and displayed on the ring to remind members of the value of the tradition. The symbolism of stonemason tools, on top of the allegorical backdrop of King Solomon's Temple, implies a sense of morality within the ancient craft of masonry. In past centuries, signet rings similar to the masonic ring were used to certify documents by sealing envelopes with a patch of hot wax and dipping the face of the ring in the wax to leave the mark of the signet. Significance The masonic ring is meant to authenticate the wearer's membership as a Freemason and certify that he is a valid member of the fraternity. The ring's signet identifies the level of membership a mason may have within his ... more
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