Why do poor families have lots of children?

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1 Answer

Obviously the first 6 answers you have are from people who are either complete idiots or completely incompetent. Poor families have many children because: they have no pension - with no social support, the next generation has to look after the old and it is integral in their cultures poor medical care - countries with no adequate medical care suggest that people can die off very easily, especially children since their immune systems are most vulnerable. since the idea of having children is to ensure your bloodline survives, you need numbers to out run the numbers support the family - economically speaking, a country where wages are small and a person can only earn so much, it makes more sense for more children to be born in order to support the rest of the family. philosophy - there is a saying the Chinese use : strength in numbers; the more people there are, the stronger the country is. I presume somewhere on the same line, certain African cultures would possess similar ways of ... more
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