Why do rednecks marry their cousins?

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They don't, usually. However, many cultures allow marriage between crosscousins. If your culture is matrilineal, i.e., traces its lineage through the mother's side of the family, your cousins on your father's side of the family are your crosscousins. If your culture is patrilineal, your cousins on your mother's side of the family are your crosscousins. 6. We're driving down for a week in New Orleans with a stop in Memphis for a couple of days of sight-seeing there. Instead of taking I-55 from Memphis to New Orleans, we're thinking of taking Highway 61 through the Delta. Can you recommend some stops along Highway 61? Everybody and his brother has seen the sights in Memphis and spent a week in New Orleans. At cocktail parties, they tell and re-tell the same old tired stories about Beale Street and Bourbon Street. Therefore, I recommend that you take a week to travel Highway 61 from Memphis to New Orleans and stop in every little and not-so-little town along the way. At your next ... more
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