Why do some blind people rock back and forth or bob their heads?

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This is a much-debated issue among families, friends educators, the medical community and visually-impaired people themselves. It is a habit that usually develops in early childhood and is not limited to those with blindness. Many young children who grow up with a disability find a lack of activity in their world because disability tends to create social isolation. This was the case with me. My parents had the kind help of a very wise Pediatrician who recommended that they make sure I didn't become bored and that they took whatever disciplinary steps necessary to prevent "tick-behavior such as rocking--or, as in my case--flapping of the hands in front of the eyes. In my The activity gave me a sort of rush. I have very clear memories of my Father or Mother swatting my hands whenever I did this. At age two or three, I was a very unhappy customer over this issue, but by the time I entered elementary school, I was already grateful that my parents refused to let me display such behavio more
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