Why do some consider June Carter Cash to be a homewrecker?

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Directed by James Mangold. Joaquin Phoenix, Reese Witherspoon, Ginnifer Goodwin, Robert Patrick, Dallas Roberts, Dan John Miller, Larry Bagby, Shelby Lynne. 20th Century Fox. By Steven D. Greydanus How did Johnny Cash pull it off? He never did hard time, yet his rebel/outlaw image was so persuasive that fans who know every word of his songs sometimes believe he really did kill a man in Reno just to watch him die, as he sang in “Folsom Prison Blues.” Yet he was also an Evangelical folk hero, a close personal friend of Billy Graham, who co-wrote and narrated a movie about Jesus, wrote a novel about St. Paul, and was himself the subject of an inspirational comic-book biography from Spire Christian Comics. He spent nearly a half century recording and performing country and rockabilly, and at his height was easily country music’s biggest star. Yet he seemed bigger than the label, and indeed he and the rest of the country world never seemed to get along. As sprawling and complex as the ... more
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Valerie June Carter Cash (June 23, 1929 – May 15, 2003) was a singer, songwriter, actress, comedienne and author who was a member of the Carter Family and the second wife of singer Johnny Cash. She played the guitar, banjo, harmonica, and autoharp, and also acted in several films and television shows. Sources: http://en.wikipedia. more

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