Why do some women get very emotional or even cry during intense love-making?

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1 Answer

It seems that women who cry after sex share something in common with women who experience post-partum depression. Horomones are powerful chemicals in the body, and when they rise or fall drastically, it can cause emotional highs and lows after sex, during pregnancy, after birth and during menopause. The same thing happens during PMS. What I was shocked to find out is that men also something experience this phenomenon - crying after sex. An orgasm releases a rush of horomones that can have powerful impacts on the emotional state of mind, sometimes leading to crying for no reason. It doesn’t mean that the woman is upset or distressed or embarrassed or hurt; only that she is experiencing a rush of horomones. Women who cry after sex can sometimes find absolution to the problem by visiting a doctor. Horomone therapy can help to regulate horomone levels to keep women from experiencing rapid mood swings during and after sex, thereby solving the problem. It is also important for the man in ... more
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