Why do Unions support Democrats for public office?

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1 Answer

While there are good candidates in all of the political parties, the Democrats have the best overall track record of supporting the workers in this country. Since the Democrats support many of the same ideals as Unions, the Unions have chosen to support them both financially and with our votes. Are all Democrats better than all Republicans? No, of course not, but the Republican philosophy leans heavily towards big business and therefore the Republicans draw most of their financial support from business interests and are far more apt to look out for the interests of big business when it comes time to pass legislation often times at the expense of workers.. Many individual Union members take issue with Union support of Democratic candidates because they strongly disagree with the candidate on one or more issues. The most common areas of disagreement are gun control and abortion. These issues create great emotions on both sides and often they are the only reason for a voter voting for a ... more
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