Why does my girl dog keep sniffing other peoples private parts and eats her poo?

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2 Answers

This is wierd, but the dog is identifying the person by their scent. As for the poo, i dont know my dog has never done that. more
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Dog goes off of scent and that might mean that even if something is disgusting to you it might smell yummy to the dog. This is where eating their poo comes into play, to get your dog to stop doing this you can buy some bitter spray on their poo and this will eventually tell the dog this does not taste yummy anymore, otherwise there are some foods that you can feed your dog that will make their poo distasteful to them. As for smelling crotches this is how they get to know who a person is. A dog sees a human as a dog and so if you have ever seen two dogs together they will smell each other’s privates to see who the new dog is. This if you want to stop you need to show your dog that there is other ways to get someone’s scent and do not let them go straight for the privates, instead try extending your hand and letting them sniff that to get an idea of who someone is.

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