Why does NT Factor® help reduce fatigue when other means do not?

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1 Answer

The reason NT Factor® helps when no other nutritional or drug regimen does on a reproducible basis is as follows: All nutrients have cellular antioxidant capability. The principal action of antioxidants is to protect cell and mitochondrial membrane from free radical attack. However, in the already compromised individual typical nutrients have limited capacity to work effectively. NT Factor® introduces the ability to restore cell membrane health and nourish healthy cell membrane and mitochondria membrane thereby setting the stage for better utilization of moderately dosed nutrients while at the same time inhibiting cancer cells. NT Factor® does not contain any amount of any one or combination of nutrients that would interfere with treatments. Nutrients that support rapidly dividing cells (the type of cell that chemotherapy targets) are held to an absolute minimum such as vitamin C and folic acid. more
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