Why does plagiarism matter?

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1 Answer

You cheat yourself if you plagiarize. You dont learn to write out your thoughts in your own words. Plagiarism does not help improve your critical thinking or writing skills, both of which are valued in the workplace. Plagiarism violates the University of Dayton Student Handbook, and can result in an F for the course. Imagine missing graduation because you plagiarized a paper in your final semester and failed the class. Plagiarism devalues others original work. Claiming credit for someone elses work is taking an unfair advantage over students who do their own work. UDs reputation affects the value of your degree. Student dishonesty hurts UDs standing and can make your diploma worth less. Accidental plagiarism: no such thing Ignorance is no excuse for plagiarism. It is your responsibility to know how to footnote and cite your information correctly, whatever the sources are. Information can come from a variety of sources, not just books and articles. more
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