Why Does PMS Cause Swollen Ankles?

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1 Answer

can be very tender to the touch, even somewhat painful. Getting swollen ankles from PMS is nothing to worry about, other than the inconvenience. It certainly doesn't mean that anything is wrong with your body. There are over 150 symptoms associated with PMS, and swollen ankles is certainly one of them. I asked Randy Fink, MD, Director of the Center of Excellence for Obstetrics & Gynecology in Miami, FL, why the swelling results from premenstrual syndrome. Dr. Fink explained: "Bloating and water retention are common symptoms ascribed to PMS. The exact mechanisms of PMS are unfortunately not known; if we knew, we could much more effectively treat and prevent it. PMS certainly has a hormonal connection, as by definition it occurs during a particular time of the cycle. 'Retaining water' tends to cause excess fluid to accumulate in the lowest, most gravity-dependent areas, i.e., the feet (and ankles) from standing, the finger tips, or even in the lower back or coccyx bone in those who sit ... more
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