Why Does Protein Absorb UV Light?

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1 Answer

Light Sunlight contains a wide spectrum of wavelengths (the rate of pulsing of energy). It includes the visible range of colors that you see--red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and all the shades between--and when we see them all at once, we call it white light. Just beyond the red and violet parts of the spectrum that you see are other wavelengths of light: infrared and ultraviolet light. Many fish, reptiles and insects can see ultraviolet (UV) light, and a few mammals like rodents seem to use it as well. Absorption versus Reflection When light hits an object, certain wavelengths will be absorbed and converted into heat energy, and the other wavelengths will be reflected back where they may be viewed. The reflected wavelengths are what determine color. For example, most plants absorb most wavelengths of light, but because the chlorophyll in them cannot absorb green light, most plants look green to you. Electron Resonance Depending on the unique structure of each type ... more
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