Why does the military wear a flag patch backwards on their arm?

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The field of stars is to be worn closest to your heart. Moreover, the flag should look like it’s advancing, not retreating. So, if a patch is worn on your right sleeve, you should apply it backwards. Photo by azakeri Photo by brother monk Here’s one thing that should be added to the flag code: Only buy Made in America flags. Several times I’ve been looking at an American flag, usually the chintzy plastic variety, which shouldn’t even exist, and have seen a tag saying “Made in China.” It’s enough to make Betsy Ross roll over in her grave. Americans spend over 5.3 million dollars on imported flags each year, most of them made in China. Perhaps even more disconcerting is that during 2001, in the wave of patriotism that washed over America after 9/11, American bought $52 million dollars in imported flags. The flag should symbolize the blood, sweat, and tears of American men and women who brought this country into existence, not our indebtedness to China and the death of the American ... more
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