Why doesn't the "Venus de Milo" have arms?

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1 Answer

Poor Venus. Widely acclaimed as the epitome of female beauty and Grecian art, she lacks those attractive appendages known as arms. And as far as we can tell, "Venus de Milo" has been armless since the world rediscovered her. The life-size statue of the goddess of love was uncovered in 1820 on Melos, an island in the Aegean Sea between Greece and Crete. A French navy ensign stationed on Melos was watching local farmers digging up stones for use in construction when he oversaw the discovery of Venus. Along with the island's French vice-consol, he bargained with the farmer and bought the statue for his home country. From the first sighting, Venus had no arms. Initially she was in several pieces, which were recovered and assembled, but nobody could find the arms. more
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