Why don't fascia gutters work to manage the rain water efficiently, even when we clean them out several times a year?

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I have replaced fascia gutters on several houses that were less than 2 years old, for the reason that they fail to work and the corners are prone to leak. If you are in the business to replace failed parts, it tells a story. If we take the time and effort to evaluate these reasons, we can come up with workable solutions. There are numerous reasons fascia gutters fail: First off; over 90% of all fascia gutters installed are made with painted steel sheet metal instead of aluminum (see below). It is because even though they narrowed the bottom of the gutter, these deeper gutters require a 15" coil of sheet metal, instead of the 12" coils of sheet metal used for the K-5 gutter. To fabricate aluminum fascia gutters for you would add 25% to the cost of the parts used, making it impossible to compete in the market, so most all gutter companies that have a fascia gutter machine have reverted to using steel sheet metal to the point that 15" coils of painted aluminum sheet metal are special ...
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