Why is a dictionary so vitally important?

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1 Answer

It's everyone's road map; it shows us how to get more meaning from our reading and leads us to deeper understandings based upon wider perspectives. Words have many meanings and histories; the more you know, the more you can know and the easier reading becomes. Does Power Reading make it easier or faster to study and does it show you how? Easier sometimes, faster sometimes and better all the time because of the easy step by step methods that you can customize and adapt to your own reading needs. You will also learn what is recommended by other leading experts. Can you Power Read work materials? Yes, you can learn using your work materials - both paper and online. If you use the techniques as given, you will begin to increase comprehension, speed and productivity the very first day. Can anyone become a Power Reader? Yes, if they're willing to use the Power Reading methods for 30 days, which includes reading at least 10 minutes a day and practicing for 5 more. How much can you expect to ... more
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