Why is leaving feedback so important for the restaurant owner?

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2 Answers

Leaving feedback, both positive and negative, is very important to the restaurant owner. Feedback gives the owner a chance to see how they are performing in quality, service, and overall appeal to those visiting their restaurant. Feedback gives the owner a chance to see where they need to improve and where they have succeeded. more
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Leaving feedback for a restaurant owner is a crucial component in a restaurant's success. Whether your feedback is positive or negative, the restaurant owner can benefit from hearing a customer's unbiased point of view. Service, atmosphere, quality of food, presentation, prices -- these are all important aspects in a restaurant's day-to-day functioning, and restaurant owners can improve on (or maintain) any of these aspects based on customer reviews. When they hear feedback from multiple customers, they will be able to judge what changes need to be made to make the majority of their customers happy and to make their business more sustainable in the long run. Their goal is to have customers come back in order to keep their restaurant running successfully, so a savvy restaurant owner will listen to reviews and consider both positive and negative feedback from their customers when operating their business.

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