Why is Lincoln facing the other way on the penny?

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1 Answer

The penny features an image of Abraham Lincoln facing to the right, instead of to the left like the presidents on most other U.S. coins issued in the past 100 years. This was purely an artistic decision by the coin's designer, and in fact the Lincoln penny predates all other U.S. coin designs in circulation.DesignAccording to the U.S. Mint, the image of Lincoln on the penny is based on a plaque created by sculptor Victor David Brenner.SelectionWith strong support from President Theodore Roosevelt, Brenner's design was chosen for a new penny to be issued starting in 1909, the 100th anniversary of Lincoln's birth.ContemporariesThe right-facing design was not unusual for the time. The "Liberty Goddess" that appeared on the front of the dime and the quarter in 1909 also faced right. On the nickel, she faced left.Fun FactBrenner's initials appeared on the "tails" side of the first Lincoln pennies, but they were removed within a year. "VDB" pennies are now among the most valuable U.S. ...
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