Why is Lord of the Rings so Popular?

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When J.R.R. Tolkien showed his manuscript to his publishers Unwin and Allen, their first impression was concern over the size and length of the story. They doubted very much whether such a book would ever become profitable, but they decided to go ahead splitting the story up into 6 different books. There initial concerns were soon diminished and Lord of the Rings went onto become the most popular book of all time (1) As an avid reader of Tolkien, I often wonder why this book in particular stands out from so many others. These are a few reasons which appeal to me. • It is a fascinating story with numerous sub plots. Tolkien is no simplistic page turner but once you get into the story the pace and action never wavers. You become involved in the quest and fortunes of the various characters. • Real character development. On the one hand Lord of the Rings is a great adventure story, but the book is much more multi dimensional. In particular Tolkien develops many intriguing characters with ... more
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