Why is my central airconditioning unit leaking water all over my basement floor?

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1 Answer

Drain tube is one option one thing to check is to see if it is freezing up, if the freon goes low in the unit it will then freeze up while running (on the coils inside building) (window units do this also) and after awhile it will start melting off, does your unit start not putting out as much cool as you expect (set to freezing but not really cool!) if so that will probably be the answer and adding freon will fix it, of course unless repaired will leak out again in awhile maybe 1 to 2 years depend on the leak size! ALSO check the fan outside if it is not running or blocked stopping air flow it will do the same (and it can freeze out there also, but that is a winter problem on heat pumps being low) Hope this helps! more
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