Why is my specific Hammond Organ model not listed in the service manual and owner manual publication listing?

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1 Answer

For our listings of both the owner manuals and the service manuals, a generic number is used for the model designation. For example, the L-100 Series Models would have included cabinet styles designated as L-111 (Mahogany), L-112 (Walnut Traditional), L-114 (Pecan), L-122 (Walnut Contemporary), L-124 (Pecan Contemporary), L-133 (Cherry), L-146 (American Provincial), L-149 (Pine), L-170 (Antique White), L-172 (Theater Horseshoe), L-182 (Italian Provincial), L-195 (Mediterranean), L-262 (Institutional). The model letter designation in the example is L, but you can substitute and of the other letter model designations such as H, J, L, M, N, etc. and the cabinet style references would apply. In the later, six number designated models such as 333172, the last three numbers of the model refer to the cabinet finish. In this case of the Colonnade model 333172, it is a Theater Horseshoe Style Walnut cabinet. The same pattern is represent in the 132 and 232 which are both the Aurora Classic ... more
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