Why is Neem oil solid at room temperature?

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Neem oil is rich in essential fatty acids (like coconut oil). It is solid at a cool room temperature (72 degrees Fahrenheit). To return Neem oil to its liquid state, simply warm the bottle in your pocket or a mug of warm water and the oil will be free-flowing again. The transition from solid to liquid or vice versa has no effect on the therapeutic properties of the Neem oil. • Skin issues: Traditionally Neem leaf and oil have been used topically to help normalize, balance and support healthy skin. • TheraNeem products to support healthy skin: Neem Leaf and Oil Creams, TheraNeem lotion, Neem Leaf and Aloe Gel, Pure Neem oil, Face and Body Mud Masque, Neem Botanical Fading Cream, TheraNeem toothpaste for a quick fix for an itch, Herbal Outdoor Spray. • Neem leaf as dietary supplement to support healthy skin is beneficial is to support healthy liver functions, support the body’s ability to respond to inflammation and to support immune system function. • TheraNeem dietary supplements to ... more
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