Why is signal detection theory important?

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Signal detection theory helps to separate sensitivity from motivational factors. What is a difference threshold? Difference threshold refers to the amount of change in a stimulus required for a person to detect it. Can subliminal messages affect our behavior? Research using visual priming suggests that stimuli that stimulate the sensory receptors, but remain outside conscious awareness, produce measurable effects on cognition and behavior. However, careful research fails to support the use of subliminal messages as tools of persuasion. What is the role of sensory adaptation in sensation? Sensory adaptation serves a useful function by allowing us to focus on important changes in our environment. 3.1 The Museum of Science, Art, and Human Perception An excellent site that provides students with the opportunity to participate in a variety of interactive exhibits that illustrate important principles of sensation and perception, including the opportunity to see what it's like to hit a 95- ...
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