Why is the African wild dog endangered?

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The African wild dog is a multicolored animal who calls sub-Saharan Africa home. Although it is highly social and lives in packs, the dog is quickly going extinct as it is ignored or misunderstood by humans. According to Save the African Wild Dog, there may be fewer than 5,000 African wild dogs left.ReputationThe African wild dog's undeserved reputation is that of a vicious, dangerous creature. As a result, many people set traps for these wild dogs or shoot them.Human EncroachmentIn reality, African wild dogs would be happy to live without human interference, but humans are encroaching on their territory as they settle and farm the areas African wild dogs once called home.Lack of PreyAs humans overtake their territory, African wild dogs have trouble finding their prey, which once were numerous herds of grazing animals. Food is scarce, making starvation a threat to these canines.Consequences of TrespassingIn search of limited food, some African wild dogs venture onto human properties ...
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