Why is the Gwinnett COunty Schools are closed today, September 21?"

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Quite simply, it’s a mess in Atlanta. Residents awoke this morning to school closures, a mudslide on Highway 78 and closed roads. The school systems in Carroll, Douglas, Paulding and Stevens counties announced school closures today. Atlanta's largest school system Gwinnett County announced that its schools would remain closed for the entire day, as opposed to a 2-hour delay as originally reported. All creeks and streams in metro Atlanta were spilling out of their banks or approaching flood levels. Officials issued a boil water advisory in Douglas County due to broken water lines. Local fire departments report they are rescuing people from their flooded homes. A trailer was swept off its foundation in Douglas County. Fox 5 News reports that the first fatality of the storms is a 39-year-old Gwinnett County woman whose mini van was swept away by the floodwaters. It also reports that a second weather-related fatality is a Douglas County man who was also swept away. Neighbors are taking ... more
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Gwinnett County Schools are closed today because of weather conditions. Gwinnett County Schools closures were announced following regional horrible thunderstorms blanketing Georgia Monday. My Fox Atlanta is reporting that as of 9 am EST today closures include all schools in the Carroll, Douglas, Gwinnett, Paulding, and Stephens Districts. Atlanta has flash flooding alerts. Area officials in North Georgia are advising drivers to stay off the roads as workers are being deployed to rescue drivers from flooding streets. more

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