Why is the number 3 so important in witchcraft and religion?

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1 Answer

If you ask this question there are many others also that must be asked like Why did Satan create a pagan feast on December 25th(Saturnalia) on Christ's conception day(Luke 1:5), Why did Satan put a pagan feast on High Passover(Ishtar{Easter}) when Christ was crucified, and the answer to all of these questions is simply..... To mock the one true God("Abuja" Luke 1:5 Abba=Papa Jag=part of God's true name a.k.a. HalleluJAH, Cubika, etc.) it is one of his sole passions until Christ returns and if any of these deceptions leads believers astray it is a bonus for him, so don't let him steal your Holy Days a.k.a. Holidays or the holiness of the number three. more
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