Why is the periodic table useful to chemists?

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3. How does the periodic table reflect electron configuration? 4. What predictions about elements’ properties can be made by using their positions on the periodic table? 5. Why are these trends observed? 6. How do scientists get information about something as small as electrons in atoms? Knowledge and Skills Knowledge (noun) Skills (verbs) • Key terms-actinides, alkali metal,alkaline earth metal, atomic radius, dot structure,electron configuration, electronegativity, energy level, family, group, halogens, inner transition metal, ionization energy, lanthanides, Mendeleyev, Modern periodic law, Moseley, noble gas, Periodic law, peirod, periodicity, rare earth elements, representative element, series, transition metal • Electrons occupy certain energy levels in atoms. These energy levels fill in a predictable fashion. • The electron configuration of an atom is related to its chemical properties. • Atoms with similar electron configurations are in the same group on the periodic table. • ... more
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