Why is the sky red in the afternoon but blue in the morning?

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1 Answer

First, why the sky seems blue.. The technically correct answer is that the blue light is scattered by the air molecules in the atmosphere (referred to as Rayleigh scattering). When sunlight hits the molecules in the atmosphere, the red and yellow wavelengths tend to pass straight through, or get absorbed by the molecules (which warms the air and gives rise to the world's climate). The blue wavelength is shorter and more energetic than the red and yellow wavelengths, and it reacts much more with the air molecules. It causes the air molecules to vibrate and 're-emit' the light.. Because the molecules vibrate in all directions, the light is emitted in all directions (called 'scattering') , The re-emitted radiation may then have the same reaction with other molecules, and it gets 'bounced around' from molecule to molecule. When it reaches us on the ground, it seems that the blue light is coming from everywhere; hence the sky seems blue. And of course; we are looking upwards through ... more
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